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Preparing Your Property for Sale

If you want to sell your property, it is essential to be fully aware of the steps involved in getting your property ready for sale. This article will provide you with a complete list of what is needed and give you an understanding of how much time and money you can expect.


A well-prepared property will show quickly and attract potential buyers, which translates into a quicker sale at a higher price. Your investment in this ‘do-it-yourself’ project will pay for itself many times over. As always, we recommend that any work on your house be supervised by an expert, such as a licensed contractor or home inspector.


Here is a list of essential things to consider when preparing your property for sale in Bangkok. Once you know what needs to be done, write down a plan of action and estimate the time and money involved in each step. Remember that ‘less is more when it comes to selling your home. The fewer cosmetic changes you make, the faster it will sell.


1. If you want help from a real estate agent, be professional about your property presentation before you put your house on the market (known as a PIN). Get rid of all clutter and garden clutter, and fix up minor problems before having a sales brochure made and putting your house on the open market.

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2. On the day of the PIN, hire a gardener and wash your windows to ensure you get the best light through them for your brochure photos. Consider planting a few new flowering shrubs, pruning trees and bushes, putting out some fresh flowers in vases on each side of the front door, and doing all other things to make your property look as attractive as possible.


3. Once your PIN has been completed, start photos immediately because it is essential to have them ready immediately when you put your house on the market.


4. Have your agent show the home to a few people you trust who have good recommendations. It would be best if you were confident that they could accurately portray your property as it appears and tell you what they like and don’t like about it. Be aware that what a buyer sees on first impression is very important.


5. Once the agent has discovered a potential buyer, give them an appointment for an in-home viewing with at least 24 hours’ notice so that they can prepare for it. Make coffee and light some scented candles before this appointment so your home will look how you want it to when the buyer arrives.

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How to pick the right agent to sell your house?

Whether you are selling your lifetime home or a property that you invested on, finding and picking a realtor is a significant choice. Checkout real estate to know where to buy or sell good quality properties for the right cost.

Here is how one must choose the right agent to work with for buying or selling house. They are as follows,

  • Research potential specialists very much like you would comparative properties and your expected purchasers. There are various land organizations to browse. Take a gander at a couple to get an understanding into how they work.
  • One of the most outstanding ways of exploring your shortlisted specialists is at open house assessments, so why not jump into one and see your representative in real life. You don’t need to pick open homes of properties that are like yours, simply utilize the amazing chance to perceive how your representative presents an open house and manages expected purchasers. It can likewise be a great opportunity to make proper acquaintance and get some contact subtleties.

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  • The specialist ought to have the option to provide you with a careful preview of the market in your space and encompassing regions. They ought to be aware of schools, transport, socioeconomics and such purchasers searching for homes nearby.
  • The specialist you pick will address you and your property. The specialist you must pick realizes the region you’re selling in, and knows different properties available to be purchased, and that have sold as of late.
  • Different properties in the space could be rivalry to your deal, and it’s great to understand what you’re facing. A specialist who realizes the nearby scene can survey your home as it sits on the lookout, close by comparative properties.
  • You should be exceptionally genuine with a specialist during the selling system and consequently you really want to ensure you are OK with the specialist and can have transparent interchanges. Explore real estate online to find condos, houses, lands for both rent and buying as well. One can also sell their property here for deserved price.