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Common Challenges in Implementing ERP Solutions

Emerging Reporting Platforms is an agile project management software product that is used by major organizations worldwide. It offers a wide range of features to track and manage projects through easy-to-use project templates and a user friendly interface. The netsuite cloud erp software has its own inbuilt analytics, collaborative reviewing and approval process, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and visual project timelines. Here are the common challenges that ERP system implementers face in their everyday work.


After the implementation of an ERP system, project managers and their teams continue to face challenges of getting used to the new interface and corresponding processes. It may take them some time to understand how to use the new software. They also require training in using the updated version of their software.

Legacy Systems

The implementation of an ERP is likely to affect the current business processes and employee’s habits. If these systems are not integrated into the new interface, users may face difficulties in understanding the different processes involved in their work.

Other System Integration Issues

Each software module has different user roles and their own unique set of data that needs to be integrated into the ERP system for effective functioning.

Data Migration

Data migration from existing systems to new ones can be challenging. If the previous version of software is not compatible with its successor, data migration may not be quick and effective.

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Computer Literacy

The project manager must be well informed about the business processes and must have a basic knowledge of computer skills so that they can understand the processes involved in their daily work and be able to carry out their jobs independently.

Information Security

Companies must follow an in-depth security regime for their information. It is important to keep the sensitive information secure and safe so that it does not get into the wrong hands. This can be achieved by using strong passwords, creating user roles with appropriate access rights and keeping data confidential.

Spam Emails

It is a common practice to send out emails informing you of recent major events or new features. These should be regularly checked and deleted if they are not required. Check your spam folder frequently to prevent emails from getting deleted accidentally.


An ERP system is likely to contain a lot of sensitive information, hence it must be backed up regularly to avoid data loss. This can be done by using memory sticks or an external hard drive. The data must also be sent to the cloud for better security.

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